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27 Breaths

   Today marks the 27th birthday of my bride-to-be! Please give her a shout out! I’m so thankful for who she is and how well she loves me! Love you Sunshine!

27 Breaths

(for Erin Jackson)

27 Breaths
In ~ Out
Along the timeline
Of a Daughter
Set to arise anew
Into her truest self
With Grace, Joy, Love~
A paradigm parameter
On the Eves of a heart
To beat for 27 years
And beat even more
For many yet to come,
So, listen close
To the water Life
Which flows from Heaven
Straight into you
With Passionate Peace,
A prerogative translation
Of Yahweh’s Truth
To stand etched on His Daughter’s
Every aspect of self.

~By: A.J. Wagoner
© 2016