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Higher Propensities

Higher Propensities
(for N-Squad October 2016)

Journeys to live
One day at a time
For Higher Propensities
To Love well,
To live joyful,
To go with the flow
And to make decisions
Get birthed along the way~
So never fear
Or even worry
For the King of Kings
Propels you all
Into greater depths
With and for Him
And the Beauty realized
In each story
Shines forth even more!
Yes Higher Propensities
Of Grace to manifest,
Of Passion to rise up,
Of Sons and Daughters
To realize their Identities
In Spirit and Truth~
So go forth warrior
And live to the fullest
The life destined for you.

~By: A.J. Wagoner
© 2016

Royal Tenet

Royal Tenet

(for Christina Hude)

Long luxurious purple robes
Don her in all His Glory
Where her beauty shines
Brighter than Alpha Centauri
And her Heart explodes True
For she stands Abba’s
‘Royal Tenet’,
His Precious vessel
To breathe life and fire
Into the darkest recesses
Of the universe~
Yes His Royal Tenet
Rises into her own
To love with Abandon,
And to fight
For the Kingdom
With Spirit and Truth
Upon the Beauty
She carries,
So Beloved~
Stand up!
Stand up in full Regalia
Ready to fight in Freedom
Upon the injustice found
Throughout the nations.

~By: A.J. Wagoner