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His Words to Me

His Words to Me
I Am so proud of you!
The way you walk for me
The way you live
For everyone you encounter
And the deep abundance
Of Joy, of Grace
Within your heart~
Oh my son! I Am
So in love with you,
The transitions you trek,
The life you lead,
All you do for me
Even the little moments
You do to reach out to me
For a need, a want,
Or just because~
Oh what Joy you bring
To my heart and mind
When I witness you sold out
To love me,
To love my Daughter well
To love all of my children
With the same authenticity
I love you with!
My son, I Am so proud of you
For all of the way
You come to me~
Thank you for you, Davek!

~By: A.J. Wagoner
© 2016