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Audacious Capacity

Audacious Capacity

(for M-Squad October 2016)

Audacious Capacity
For love, for Grace,
New growth into new levels
And the means to walk
In Authority and Courage
Each and every day~
Amounts to handle
Exponential in size,
Not to worry or stress
For ever dime appears
And Abba’s smile widens
To witness His children
Take on every valley low,
Every mountain high
And trek mile upon mile
Under sun or rain,
Through misty days~
Audacious Capacity
Grows each person
More and more
Through each process
To realize their truest Identity,
They stand a son
Or a daughter
Of the One True God!
Adventure on~
Do NOT be afraid~
Walk with your head held high
Eve on the difficult days
For your stories, testimonies
Stand powerful to change
Hearts and atmospheres
To lead others
Into the Fullness
Of Abba’s Love~
Such Audacious Capacity
To witness and cherish
Each and every day.

~By: A.J. Wagoner
© 2016