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They say I’m a Conqueror
Yet I hide ~ afraid and alone
In seas of people,
Of love and connection~
Oh how the world spins
And I whirl around
Over and over again,
Then in a moment
A white light sears through
The darkest of nights,
The darkest of breaths
For His Grace sufficient
And when He stands for us,
When He stays faithful
Even in our backwardness
Who could stand against?
In absolute Truth ~ No One!
What could separate us?
Not a damn thing
For Yahweh, Holy and Righteous
Loves Deep and never gives up
On the Sons and Daughters He pursues,
He cleaves to each one, to me~
So Yes in Him I Am
A conqueror, an overcomer,
One with Him
For He stands One with me.
~By: A.J. Wagoner
© 2016