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The Struggle

The Struggle
Transitions in life
Occur over and over,
Time and time again
And the mind rejoices
For the new experiences,
New chances, New life~
Then freaks out:
Am I gonna be okay?
What about…?
Or even…?
Oh The Struggle stands
Tall in the mind
When Faith grasped for
Slides through the fingers,
Water in the hand
And the Impossibilities
Loom larger and larger
Even at Heaven’s steps
Hand-in-Hand with the Beloved~
Oh hang on tighter my child,
Son, Daughter, all shall stand
Alright, more than alright
For the Father rests poised
To take action on your behalf
Over and over again.

~By: A.J. Wagoner
© 2016

Windmill Roots

Windmill Roots

Broad, deep
The tendrils stretchout
To anchor the depths
Within a good heart
Fraught with doubt
Hidden behind Faith~
The wind picks up,
But still Beauty waves
In the field
Back and forth,
Only to dig herself
Deeper and Deeper
Into the Goodness
Of Heaven’s Gardener.

~By: A.J. Wagoner