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Into All of Him

Into All of Him

(for Kevin Spivey)

Fresh opportunities
To go Deeper, further
Into the Beauty of God
Along rivers of Grace
And fields of Truth~
The poppies blossom
In Abundance
Over and over again
And the fragrance lingers
Even under Winter’s frost
For the Heart rests immersed
In Abba’s Love,
An ocean of Peace
To swim and play in~
Oh Fresh opportunities
Dance eternal
Along every trail to take
For a son to bask
In his Kingdom Skin,
The Identity always longed for
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

~By: A.J. Wagoner
© 2016

Plenitude’s Full

Plenitude’s Full

No room for Lack
Just plain whack!
Life abundant
Flows all around us
Arise, arise!
Plenitude’s Full
Our Full supply
Of Love Grace More
More and More some More~
Get off your rump,
Big fat stump
Of a Life when we operate
From the place of Lack
Never gonna be slack
When we rise up
With Responsibility and Prize
Surprise, Surprise!
Our cup overflows,
So never empty
We stand Tall
The King of King Lives,
Dwells inside of us
And forever we walk
For Plenitude’s Full
Our Joyful Praise!

~By: A.J. Wagoner